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[CE-Mod] Moto-board


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10.07.2016, 11:15



it's qn old/new project, base the blue decadent keyboard.

The blue decadent

I drop the velvet and change a black leather. My friend Bálint Szabó restores old motorcycles and I see, that leather look a like the motorcycle session. My idea, make a motor form keyboard.

first cut

and again

and again cut :dash:

bronze paint

2 old lamp

as wheel


Nur wenn er drin ist Funktioniert er...

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10.07.2016, 11:58

hey feco, nice to see another project from you

Dont see what it is, see what it could be!

more to see at


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10.07.2016, 18:04

The black leather with the brass fits. I'm looking forward to see the final result.