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[Casemod] Ancient Corsair


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29.05.2016, 18:53

Ancient Corsair


We are returning with our next mod. For today, we show you some of the Corsair goodies we will
use and transform to make our new mod, called "Ancient Corsair". Without further ado, here are
some pictures of the hardwares we going to use in our mod:

Corsair fans along with an AX 860i PSU and H115i cooling:

In terms of storage we'll work with the Corsair Neutron XT 480:

For memory, we have 4x4GB of 3200MHz Dominator memory with some colorful extras:

For the case, we have a really spaceous, kind of "modder's dream" case, the Corsair 900D:

The other main components you can't see here will be coming soon!
The final concept and layout is being finalized soon.

Regards, BaluC & Soccer


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29.05.2016, 19:13

Nice, this case is surely great for casemodding :thumbsup: . I'm curious what you want to do with it ;) .